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Soul Reading on the basis of birth chart

A deep dive into your life's journey to find your true potential

  • 1 Stunde 30 Minuten
  • 320 Schweizer Franken
  • Stodolastrasse


A Soul Reading is a very deep reading on the basis of your birth chart to find your inner gold, your true potential and spots for healing in this life journey of yours. I need your birthdate, city of birth and time of birth for this Soul Reading and in a 1.5 hour psychic session, I will unfold the "lotus wisdom" charted out in your birth chart showing your soul's journey and the key to your life's message and plan. Who am I deep within myself? A Soul Reading supports your to find out about your potential and to solve knots by honoring your true self deep within your heart. The signature of the "planetary constellations" opened up with the Soul Reading guides you to your personal strength and potential which are there in an open book alongside your life's path. I am guiding you through your planetary constellations to your true self, which is looking for recognition and understanding, so that you are able to see your life's mission and are able to guide yourself towards it. You will feel free after the Soul Reading and understand your soul with all your different areas of potential development. You will be joyous and the perfume of your soul and your charisma will lie open to you. Please send me your birthdate/birth place/time of birth to my email address, so that I will be able to do your Soul Reading.


  • Stodolastrasse 10, Zürich, Schweiz

    079 567 37 91

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